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Volume #97, Issue #3

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Josh Teegardin, Web Edition Editor

November 16, 2012

Athletes Must Determine If They Want To Win

Story by: Sara Schrank

During spring of last year, all the South High athletes were called into the gym for a meeting about the “Redwing Way”.

The athletes were told that during the months of June and July they would have to attend two speed camps every Tuesday and Thursday morning and also be on a lifting plan, which said you had to lift three times a week.

Another thing the coaches talked about was going to a nutritional seminar. Then all the coaches said that if athletes did not attend they would receive a phone call home telling their parents that they were not at speed camp. If athletes did attend 90 percent of the summer workouts, they would receive a Redwing Way t-shirt.

The question here is two fold; “Should a punishment have been pushed harder on the athletes who did not meet these guidelines? or “Is it the athlete’s responsibility to attend to make themselves and their team better?”

When looking at the attendance at the girls speed camp, the sport that had the most girls show up was dance. The reason I believe the dance team had the most girls show up is because of their coach, Carlee Reinmann.

“I enforced the rules and gave them a punishment if they did not have a reasonable excuse for not attending that day,” Reinmann said.

The second highest attendance was for the volleyball team. Their coach Leslie Laster, said, “I strongly encouraged them to go, with a reminder that they should be attending every chance they had.”

As for the football team, they were strongly encouraged by their football coaches and they were spoken to if they did not attend enough workouts or speed camps.

I believe that these teams had better attendance than other teams because they were talked to by their coaches or had a punishment if they did not come...... BUT......this just shouldn’t be on the weight of the coaches’ shoulders.

If the athletes supposedly care so much about winning and excelling in their chosen sports, then they should all strive to get better by going to “The Redwing Way” and working out as much as they can, instead of complaining about how much playing time you’re getting or how many losses you have.

If the athletes want to get better they should do something about it and not just expect to reap benefits and victories. They need to attend the workouts and sessions to make themselves better and their team better in the long run.

Do not just say you want to win, put in the time and effort and maybe you will be in a better position to win!

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