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Volume #97, Issue #3

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Josh Teegardin, Web Edition Editor

November 16, 2012

Debate Team Enjoys Success

Story by: Tyler Kupsch

South High has always had a proud debate history dating back to 1903. This year is no different as the team has achieved many accomplishments and is out to achieve bigger and better things.

The South debate team, led by senior Heath Reinl, Assistant coach Ross Nufer, and head coach David Henning has attended four tournaments this season and already has eight of the eleven debaters going to state including Jordan Eissner and Jon Cook, who earned their bid at the first tournament.

The Novice team and two varsity teams are the others who have qualified.

“It feels amazing and it really takes the edge off of us,” commented freshman Hollis Rammer. Along with great team performances, there have been individual awards this season. The team has taken home trophies every meet including speaker awards.
Cook leads the way with four individual speaker awards. Others who won speaker awards include: Chad Larson, Alyshia de la Rosa, and Tim Judnic.

This isn’t the first year that the debate team has made great achievements. Last year, the team of Larson and Eric Feudner made it all the way to Nationals where they finished in 17 place. “We didn’t expect to go to nationals and when we did, we knew that we were good and we wanted to work harder and go even further this year,” commented Feudner.
And to think with the proud tradition and success that South did not have a debate team in 2009. Langauge Arts teacher, Corey Butters brought the debate team back with the help of Henning. Henning then went on to become the head coach.
“We have had better success every year, better numbers, better performances and that has led to a better team,” stated Henning.

The team has had some amazing debaters that are a part of the team including eleven-year-old Cade Polkowski. He has won tournaments and is a part of the Novice team going to state.

“I’ve been helped out a lot by other debaters and it has helped me become a better debater…I hope to do debate all the way through high school,” stated Polkowski.

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