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Volume #97, Issue #3

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Josh Teegardin, Web Edition Editor

November 16, 2012

Black Friday’ Starts Holiday Shopping Season

Story by: Sophia Ly

For a lot of people, November is the start to the holiday season.
The fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving and the Friday right after

Thanksgiving, is called “Black Friday”.

Everyone does something different for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. The only exception is that everyone has to eat on Thanksgiving.

Freshman Sydnee Pribbernow said that her dad’s side of the family gets together and celebrates Thanksgiving.

Freshman Dylan Callahan stated, “My whole family attends my house for Thanksgiving.
“We go to my cousin’s house and we eat and we watch the Packer game,” said sophomore Amy Gruenke.

Juniors Makayla Buckley, Shauna Hundt, and Jamal Jackson all stated that, with their families, they eat “…big dinners.”

Hundt enthusiastically added, “We have some pecan pie and pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Mmmm.”

She also stated that sometimes her family has eating contests, like with pie.
After suffering those food “comas” from Thursday, there is the decision to keep on sleeping or to wake up early to go shopping…or to work, which is really not a choice that can personally be made.

Pribbernow and Buckley stated that they do not go Black Friday shopping. Pribbernow, however, did share that her brother “…was the first at BestBuy and he got me a laptop.”
Buckley simply stated, “…never have, never will.”

“I want to,” said Hundt, who has never gone Black Friday shopping.
Gruenke has also never gone shopping on the particular Friday. She does not know why she hasn’t gone, but would like to and if she does go, Gruenke would like to experience how Black Friday is, what stores give away and what a person can win. Gruenke added, “It would’ve been crazy.”

“Crazy” is one word to describe Black Friday. Jackson stated that one time, “These two guys almost got into a fight and a guy pushed the other into a rack.”

Jackson went Black Friday shopping to purchase a new game system.
Callahan said, “I have gone one time, last year, but not all the time.” He went to get an iPod.

Many students have jobs, for example, Emma Sharpe is employed at BestBuy and has to work on Black Friday. She hopes that the time “…goes by fast.”

Junior Katarina Dicker has gone Black Friday shopping. Dicker said she goes “…because everything is cheaper on Black Friday and it’s fun to get up early and get the good deals.”
Dicker goes shopping with her mom to buy electronics, clothes, or shoes, things that are usually really expensive. One year, Dicker said, “I went to BestBuy at three in the morning, waiting for them to open and I stood in line for a laptop.”

The November events are right around the corner. Get ready for Thanksgiving, the start to the holiday season, and Black Friday, the beginning of everyone bustling around shopping.

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