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Volume #98, Issue #5

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Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

January 18, 2013

South To Review Emergency Plans After Sandy Hook

Story by: Lauren Pfile

The Sandy Hook School shooting, which took place on Dec. 14, was a tragedy not only for the community of Newtown, Connecticut, but also the whole United States.

Twenty-six students and faculty members were shot and killed that morning by gunman Adam Lanza, age 20.

Lanza decided to go on what seemed to be a random shooting rampage at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on that particular Friday morning. According to CNN, he had broke into the school around 9:30 a.m..

He broke a window and before going into classrooms to shoot students and teachers, he shot and killed the principal, Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, and school psychologist, Mary Scherlach, who attempted to stop him in the hallway leading in from outside the doors.

With Hochsprung and Scherlach was vice principal Natalie Hammond. She was the only one to survive of the three who confronted Lanza.

Lanza then decided to enter a classroom, with 14 students, and a substitute teacher, who was in for the original teacher on maternity leave.

He shot and killed all 14 students in the classroom, according to news reports.

Lanza shot and killed a total of 20 students and six adults, before killing himself. Many more were wounded, and the entire country traumatized and frightened by the tragic event.

After interviewing South principal Michael Trimberger on the changes that might take place after this shooting, not much has changed since then, but changes will be undergoing very shortly.

“There were a lot of things that were already planned before the shooting that will take place in January. These include reviewing the safety plan with staff and at the end of January, an all-school active shooter drill,” Trimberger said.

Trimberger also stated that there are no school-wide recognitions, besides the moment of silence on Dec. 21. Students can send cards or do their own projects for support.

Senior Pam Sheffield stated, “I think it [the shooting] was an unnecessary cause for attention. I feel very bad about it, and I am not the only one. The parents and family members of the victims have to deal with this the rest of their lives, and the kids can’t grow up to their potential while the shooter had pretty much gotten off, by killing himself.”

This tragic event has aroused many feelings and emotions among a lot of people, and also has caused many controversies; from gun control, to the actual shooter, and how Lanza had gotten into the school.

But what is not to be forgotten are the victims, and how they had lost their lives to something so random and so heartless.

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