The Lake Breeze Newspaper

Volume #97, Issue #2

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Josh Teegardin, Web Edition Editor

October 29, 2012

Extreme Makeover: Botany Edition

Story by: Jenna Anderson

One big change that may go unnoticed to some students is the remodeling of the courtyard.

Starting in summer, science teacher Nicole Schumacher and senior Jaymz Stempihar started the project and when school began, Schumacher’s botany classes joined the duo, along with help from Michelle Kidd’s class.

Stempihar spent the scorching hot summer cleaning up the unkept courtyard. He designed flower gardens on his own, cleaned up overgrown weeds and planted multiple types of flowers. It has been a lot of work for him, but he is looking forward to the reward of seeing the plants bloom in spring.

Stempihar stated, “Working in the courtyard has given me a place to do something I love to do where no one else is. I love to think of it as visiting a ‘secret garden’ as I can hear but not see the outside world.”

“We are updating; that would include weeding, getting rid of overgrown stuff. We are starting fresh with the pond and I’m putting native fish in the pond. Also, I’m planting new perennials and two new trees,” said Schumacher.

The courtyard is located in the middle of South High. It is a place where students can go sit outside and do class work while enjoying nature’s beauty.

The courtyard is open to all teachers to bring their classes out at anytime, but Schumacher is still in the process of trying to have it available to students during both lunches.

Forest Martinez stated, “By re-doing the courtyard, we’ll want more students to be involved in botany and independent classes that have to do with the outdoors.”

Schumacher added, “We will probably not have enough time to finish in the fall, and will continue the project in the spring.”

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