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Volume #97, Issue #2

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Josh Teegardin, Web Edition Editor

October 29, 2012

South’s Only Undefeated Football Team Honored During Homecoming Game

Story by: Jake Knuth

This year marked the 50th anniversary of the special 1962 football season. Eight of the seniors from the team were named honorary captains at the homecoming game against the Bay Port Pirates.

Three of the young men on the team are actually on the wall of fame here at South, including Tony Kaboord, John Cinealis, and Gary Kampmann.

All three were key players of the ‘62 Redmen team, and made the All-Valley Team as a result. With their help, the team proceeded to break two major conference records. They became the best total yard gaining offense in a season, with 2,321 yards in 8 games. The team also broke a defensive record of total yards allowed in a season, by only permitting 838 yards to their eight competitors accumulated.

One of the seniors from this team, Bill Mueller, was available for an interview and offered some quality insight. Mueller felt the Green Bay West and North games were the most important games.

“They [West] were defending conference champs, undefeated, and had shut us out the year before. We repaid the favor by shutting them out 43 to nothing.”

“Playing North was always a big game. We were 7-0, while they only had one win on the season, so it didn’t seem tough on paper…we had already clinched the championship, so beating North was like the frosting on the cake.”

Mueller went into depth about what he had taken from high school football and how it has affected his life over the past 50 years.

“Coach always preached to do your best. Anything you do or plan, you know you just don’t go out there and wing it. You have to do it right and be prepared.”

“You’ll know which guys you can depend on in your life thanks to football. You can pick out who’s with you through thick and thin and who is only there sometimes, and that’s real important. There will be times where you will wish those guys that you fought with on the field could be there for you, because you know that if they risked their body as 17 year olds then they’d have your back without a doubt as an adult.”

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