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Volume #97, Issue #4

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Andrew Becker, Josh Teegardin, Web Edition Editor

December 13, 2012

Trainer Helps Athletes Come Back From Injuries

Story by: Tyler Kupsch

Injuries will always be a part of sports. How they affect athletes and how athletes recover after injuries is a different story.

The most common injuries that occur at South are sprained ankles and knee, muscle strains and concussions, with some of the worst being dislocations and fractures.
Each injury takes its own amount of time to heal and it all depends on the severity of that particular injury.

“Most injuries take between two weeks and two months to heal, with some surgical injuries taking up to a year,” commented athletic trainer Maggie Bauer.

Sophomore Parker Slimmer is currently going through the lengthy rehab after having his torn ACL surgically repaired. The injury was caused during soccer season after a collision with another player.

“I was pretty shocked when it happened and pretty upset that I wouldn’t be able to play…I’ll be scared at first when I go back to play but after that I’ll be fine,” stated Slimmer.

Certain injuries can cause chronic injuries that continue to resurface. Coming back from an injury too soon or lack of conditioning and training can cause this.

Senior Ben Steen dealt with a high ankle sprain during the football season.
After the injury sustained during the Manitowoc game, he went through intensive rehab in order to hopefully get better by the North game.

He knew that he wasn’t going to be one hundred percent but suited up in order to play. In one of his first plays, he sustained another high ankle sprain, this time to his other ankle.

“Not being one hundred percent and compensating for my other ankle definitely caused the second sprain,” commented Steen.

An athlete may go through many different treatments before being cleared. Some injuries will take months of rehab while others will involve simple rest. Impact tests for concussions need to be taken before an athlete can play to make sure they donb’t still have any symptoms.

An athlete also has to have the confidence that they can return from their injury. Your body and mind have to be in sync. If not, it can lead to follow up injuries or put athletes in a position to sustain an even worse injury.

An athlete must make sure that they are not rushing back too soon as it can also lead to the same injuries and possibly even worse ones.

“Every athlete must be confident in themselves, both physically and mentally before continuing,” commented Bauer.

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