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Volume #98, Issue #6

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

February 22, 2013

Raff Assumes President’s
Role For Senior Class

Story by: Courtney Roszak

As of Jan. 10, Senior Class President Dakota Gamez chose to vacate his position of class president, stated Class Officers’ Adviser /Associate Principal, Jason Ledermann.
This is the first time any senior class president has left the position in Ledermanns’ 12 years at South High.
Fellow senior John Raff stepped up from his position of vice president to president for the remainder of this school year.
At the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year, seniors Gamez and Stuart Schmidt ran against each other in hopes of becoming senior class president. Gamez was successful in his campaign against Schmidt. Gamez could not be reached for comment after several requests.
“I was overwhelmed at first, but I know with help from Lauren Simonsmeier, Alyssa Rieger (class treasurer and secretary) and Ledermann (class officer adviser) it won’t be so bad,” stated Raff.
There has been a change in speaking duties due to this change in presidents.
With the presidency, Raff will be speaking at graduation on Sunday, June 9.
Usually, the vice president speaks during Baccalaureate, Saturday, June 8, the day before graduation.
Simonsmeier will present the Senior Class Baccalaureate speech usually given by the class vice president, but still will cover her senior class treasurer duties.
With one semester left the three have much ahead of them.
In the beginning of second semester, the trio got together with Ledermann to plan the remainder of the year, including the senior banquet, the class motto and song.
Some of the senior class may have had doubts about Raff being president due to his lack of experience.
With only one semester left, there is a lot of responsibility and event planning, but Ledermann assures Raff will be successful, commenting, “I think he’ll do fine.He’s very confident and has good leadership roles to fill the role.”
With three and a half months left until graduation, Raff, Rieger and Simonsmeier have the responsibility and loads of stress on their shoulders to ensure that the senior class ends their time at South High in a positive way.
As the days dwindle down to graduation the senior class and the officers are realizing how little time they all have left together before June 9th rolls around.
“We have one semester left together, why not try to make it a good one,” Raff added regarding some of feuding that had taken place earlier in the beginning of this school year.

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