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Volume #98, Issue #6

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

February 22, 2013

Officials Conduct “Lock Down” Drill

Story by: Katherine Ly

On Jan. 31, South High officials conducted an all-school “lock-down drill” during third hour.

The purpose for the drill is to, “Prepare for an incident for the kids and teachers,” said police liaison officer Andy Kundinger.

Similar to fire and tornado drills, the lock-down drill is an opportunity to keep students safe by practicing what needs to be done if a possible shooting incident were to happen.

According to principal Michael Trimberger, “The steps for the active shooter drill are: listen to the announcement, close and lock the doors, go to an unseen part of the classroom, turn in all the students’ electronics and then sit quietly.”

Trimberger added that all the students have to hand in their electronics to prevent the communication system from getting hampered. The teachers will still have access to their phones.

Kundinger said that he, safety officer Tim Eirich, and administrators Trimberger, Chris Hein and Jason Ledermann organized the active shooter drill.

In addition, Trimberger stated that during the drill they also walked the halls and checked on some classrooms.

“Over all, the drill went well,” Kundinger said. He added that classrooms locked down quickly, and he was only able to see one person through the door. “Students knew what to expect and needed few reminders,” said Language Arts instructor Penny Abstetar.

“I do feel safe because I know that the staff here knows what to do if something were to go wrong,” said freshman Gabby Schaap.

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