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    South High Art Students Create Stunning Commission Painting

    When asked if they would like to do a large commission painting for an honors assignment, South High Art students Katie Powell and Christina Polasky jumped at the chance! Maureen McAvoy, a school social worker with the Sheboygan Area School District, approached Art Instructor Carol Rokicki at South High School asked if she had any students who would be willing to tackle a large painting of her backyard gardens. Rokicki asked her students in her Drawing Painting 1/Honors course if anyone would be willing to take up the challenge. Christina and Katie thought they could do it, and they exceeded all expectations.

    Working together during class time, lunchtimes and after school, the students finished the painting just following the end of the school year. The finished 36"x 48" painting, done in acrylics, turned into a stunning masterpiece that clearly demonstrates both girls’ impressive talents. The painting contains great details of McAvoy's gardens, good background perspective and a wonderful focal point with the large tree and flowers. Both students are quite pleased with their work and hope to take on more challenges next year.


    Both students will be seniors at South High School and are enrolled in next year's Art Portfolio and A.P. Art Studio courses. McAvoy will keep the painting at home this summer. The painting will be displayed in the South High library in the fall. Both girls hope to pursue a career in the arts after high school.

    Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
    August 2, 2011