Drama Productions and Club

Students are invited to participate in the dramatic productions staged each year at South High, and learn about the various areas of the theatre and theatrical production.   There are many opportunities to become involved.  Whether you are an actor or prefer to be a behind-the-scenes person, we have a place for you!

SASD High School Drama Website

Actors!  Our productions require many actors and actresses.  All students are encouraged to try out and to try out often.

Technical Crew!  Learn about the lighting and sound techniques used in theatre.

Stage Crew!  Like to build things or design costumes?  Give stage crew a try.

Musicians!  Each year a joint musical production is staged with North High School.  The pit orchestra is a great way to contribute to a fun evening of musical theatre.

Tryouts for actors, musicians, and technical and stage crews are publicized through hallway signs and the daily student announcements.

Mariya Grabow is the Drama Instructor and can be contacted for further information or to answer any questions.