Student Transportation Services


SASD provides yellow school bus transportation to students that live within eligible transportation boundaries within the district.  For the safety of themselves and others, it is important that students observe the bus rules. Parents are encouraged to review safe bus contact with students and to contact school officials about any problems with school bus transportation.  Home/school cooperation is important in providing safe efficient transportation for all students.

Information for Parents

Student Transportation Department Contact Information

Student Transportation Secretary
Tracy Kurtzbach |
(920) 459-3569 phone
(920) 459-6714 fax

Supervisor of Student Transportation
Georgine Mueller|
(920) 459-3524 phone
(920) 459-6714 fax

Please contact your child's school secretary to report a permanent bus change.

Please contact Prigge Bus Company at 459-2961 when your child will not ride the bus due to illness, etc. so the driver doesn't stop to pick up your child.