Video Monitoring


Notice to Parents - Use of Video Monitoring Systems on School Buses

Dear Parent,

The Sheboygan Area School District may use video cameras on school buses for the purpose of enforcing school bus rules with a view to preventing student misconduct and vandalism on buses. A video camera may or may not be present on a particular bus each day and a recording may or may not be prepared as a result. The video cameras shall be rotated among buses on an as-needed basis. The presence or absence of the camera will not be disclosed to passengers.

Only authorized persons (bus contractor manager, bus drivers, administrators of the Sheboygan Area School District, Board of Education members, and other persons with a legitimate educational interest) will be allowed to view the videotape for the purpose of enforcing school bus rules. Disciplinary action may be taken against students based on video documentation of misconduct in accordance with Board of Education Policy and State law. The isolated segment of the videotape that documents student misconduct may be viewed by the identified student(s) and/or his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) in the presence of a school administrator(s).

Requests for disclosure of school bus videotapes or tape segments should be presented to the Superintendent. If there is a determination to release all or part of a tape or tape segment, a copy will be disclosed. The School District considers school bus video tape recordings of students to be pupil records and exempt from public disclosure under the public records statute. The Superintendent or designee may authorize members of the faculty, a guidance counselor, school psychologist, social worker, or other person with a legitimate education interest to view segments of a specific videotape for the purpose of providing educational and related services to specific students.

Videotape segments used for disciplinary purposes will be maintained by the Assistant Superintendent for Student and Instruction Services as pupil records, subject to destruction in conformance with Section 188.125(3). A videotape which does not record student misconduct or other serious incidents and will not be used for the purpose of enforcing school bus rules may be erased and reused after 120 days. Videotape segments, which are used to provide educational and related services, will be maintained by the Assistant Superintendent for Student and Instructional Services as pupil behavioral records under Section 118.125, Stats. Video tape segment which record other serious incidents, including student injuries and motor vehicle accidents, will be maintained indefinitely and destroyed only in conformance with state law.

Questions about the use of video recording systems may be addressed to the Transportation Department.