The Urban Vision

Urban's Vision Statement
  • Urban Middle School will have a learning environment where students demonstrate their proficiency on benchmarks at agreed upon levels.

  • We will us data appropriately, adjust instruction and monitor student progress.
  • Urban Middle School will use a wide variety of instructional activities to meet the needs of our diverse population, while promoting leadership within the school community.
  • Working together, Urban Middle School will continuously support students, staff and parents in their efforts until they successfully achieve their goals.
  • Urban Middle School will celebrate success.
  • A highly knowledgeable and effective staff

  • Consistent assessments and timely feedback
  • Flexibility within instruction and accommodations for different learning styles which lead to life-learning
  • Collaboration, communication and goal setting
  • Recognition of academic, personal and social success for students and staff.
Urban's Mission Statement

To provide all students with the necessary skills to become productive members of society, and to foster individual achievement in a safe, encouraging environment

Urban Goals

Show an increase of 3% on WKCE reading and math data results for all students, fall 2010 to fall 2011.

The number of students meeting MAPs growth targets in reading and math will increase by 10%, spring 2010 to spring 2011, all grades.