Six Traits

Six Trait Writing


Interesting Things To Say


The Way It Goes Together
Am I putting down my ideas in the best order?


Sound Like You Talking

Word Choice

Am I using the best words to get by point across?
The Best Words For Your Ideas

Sentence Fluency

The Way It Sounds When You Read It Out Loud


Periods and Capital Letters
Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, Capitals, Etc.
Am I using conventions to enhance meaning?

Interesting Things To Say

What is the message?

  • What is my message?
  • Is my message clear?
  • Do I have enough information?
  • It all makes sense.
  • I know this topic well.
  • I have included interesting details not everyone would think of.
  • My paper has a purpose.
  • Once you start reading, you will not want to stop.

The Way It Goes Together

Order makes sense.

  • Starts out with a bang!
  • Everything ties together.
  • It builds to the good parts.
  • You can follow it easily.
  • At the end it feels finished and makes you think.
Am I Putting Down My Ideas In The Best Order?

? How did you think to begin where you did?
Did you write more than one lead, or were you happy with the first one?

? What is the most important point you make in this paper?
Is it close to the beginning, middle, or end?

? Does your paper have a turning point or most important moment? Is it close to the beginning, middle, or end?
Why did you put it there?

? How did you come up with your ending?
Are there other ways you could end your paper?

? Do you think other people reading your paper will be able to follow it?

Is This Writing Really Me?
  • Do I really like this paper?
  • Does this writing sound like me?
  • How do I want my reader to feel?
  • My favorite part is _____________.
  • I like this part because ...
  • This really sounds like me!
  • My reader can tell that I care about this topic.
  • This is what I think.
  • I want you to read this and feel something.

The Best Words for Our Ideas
  • This is the best way to say this.
  • I can picture it!
  • My words are new way to say everyday things.
  • Listen to the power in my verbs.
  • Some of the words linger in my mind.

Does it Sound Good When I Read It Out Loud?
  • My sentences begin in different ways.
  • Some sentences are long and some are short.
  • It sounds good as I read it.
  • My sentences have power and punch.
  • Did I use sentences?
  • How many different ways did I begin sentences?
  • Did I use some long sentences?
  • Did I use some short sentences?
  • Does my paper sound good when I try to read it out loud?

Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, Capitals, Etc.
  • Did I put spaces between words?
  • Does my writing go from left to right on the page?
  • Did I use a title?
  • Did I leave margins on the left and right?
  • Did I use capital letters? Why?
  • Did I use periods, question marks, or exclamation marks?
  • Did I do my best on my spelling?
  • Could another person read this?
Am I Using Conventions To Enhance Meaning?

? Have you edited your paper yet?

? Do you have any questions about editing that you would like to have answered?

? Do you feel comfortable using copywriter's symbols? Do you want help with this?

? Do you feel comfortable using a dictionary or spell checker? Do you want help with this?

? Pick a few punctuation marks and ask your self "Why did I use that mark there? What does it tell the reader? How does it help make what I want to say more clear?"

? How do you go about editing your writing for conventions? How do you know when you're done?

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