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The Sheboygan Area School District (SASD) recognizes assistance that students often need education, and support in their decisions not to use alcohol and other illegal drugs. The school system will provide education and assistance to any student displaying signs of alcohol and other illegal drug use.

The SASD establishes the following guidelines with regard to education, assistance, support and discipline of students engaged in alcohol and other illegal drug use: Upon a determination that a student is engaged in any of the following behaviors:

  1. using alcohol or other illegal drugs, on school property or at any school related activities or
  2. attending school or any school-related activity after using alcohol or other illegal drugs; or
  3. is in the possession of, and/or under the influence of alcohol or other illegal drugs, substances which are represented as alcohol or other illegal drugs, or nonalcoholic look alike beverages on school property or at school related activities;

The following disciplinary action will be taken:

  1. notice to parent(s) or legal guardian(s) by the building administrator of the violation; and
  2. the building administrator or his/her designee will refer the matter to the appropriate law enforcement agency; and police department referral
  3. if a first offense, the student will be suspended, out of school, for three days; or if a second offense, the student will be recommended to the Board of Education for expulsion; and participation by parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and student in a conference and
  4. the student and parents or guardians will be given the opportunity to participate in the Student Assistance Program.


Students who are under the influence of alcohol or other illegal drugs who identify themselves to the appropriate building AODA coordinator prior to being charged with a first violation shall not be subject to the specified penalties or requirements in this rule. Self-identification must be for the purpose of obtaining assistance and not to avoid sanctions. A student shall be provided with appropriate information, counseling, or other assistance as is deemed appropriate by the building administrator. Any subsequent violation will be considered a second violation and the student will be subjected to the specified consequences. A voluntary student self-referral will not relieve the student of responsibility for school-related misconduct other than use of alcohol and/or other illegal drugs.


In order to provide a healthful environment for student, staff, and visitors there shall be no smoking or use of tobacco in any form at any time in or on any school district property. Such prohibition includes school-related events and the use of school buildings by outside organizations.

No student of any age shall possess cigarettes or any tobacco product. Students found possessing cigarettes or tobacco products are subject to penalties as outlined in state law or established municipal ordinances. Any student who possesses or uses cigarettes or tobacco products shall be subject to disciplinary measures determined by the school administration. All cigarettes or tobacco products will be confiscated by school personnel.

Urban rules prohibit the possession of and/or use of any form of tobacco by any student on the school grounds or at any school activities. Violations of the smoking policy will follow these guidelines:

  1. For every smoking violation, whether possession of tobacco products or actual use of tobacco, will result in an administrator and student conference, parental notification by either letter or phone call, a referral to the Police Liaison Officer, and notification to the guidance counselor. Students will be encouraged to participate in a smoking cessation program.
  2. First violation-one day In-School Suspension.
  3. Second violation-one day Out of School Suspension. Conference with parent.
  4. Third violation-Student will be suspended out of school for two days and referred to the Director of Pupil Services for a parent and student conference as disciplinary meeting.
  5. Fourth violation-Student will be suspended out of school for five days and referred to the Sheboygan Area School District Board of Education with a recommendation for expulsion from school.
  6. Violations from one year to the next will be kept and allowed to accumulate and progress to the next step with each subsequent violation. When a student moves from one level to the next (i.e. middle to high school) all previous violation will be eliminated and the student will proceed to the next level with a clean slate. When a student transfers from one school to another at the same level, all violation will be retained.
  7. A student who maintains a clear record (no violation for tobacco possession or use for one calendar year from the last violation will be placed back one step on the four step plan.

Irrespective of the guidelines set forth above, any student found to be exchanging, distributing, selling, giving away or possession with the intent of exchanging, distributing, selling, or giving away alcohol or any other illegal drug, intoxicant or a substance which is presented as alcohol or another illegal drug or other intoxicant or possession drug paraphernalia on school premises or while participating in or attending any school related activity, will be suspended for five days from school and recommended for expulsion.

Alcohol and other drug abuse offenses are cumulative at all times during the enrollment of a student in the Sheboygan Area School District.


The school administration has the responsibility to ensure that Urban Middle School is a safe school for all students and staff. Accordingly a limited search for dangerous or illegal items or illegal substances on the person of a student or in the student’s hall or PE locker is a proper means of protecting the interest of safety without unreasonably interfering with the privacy rights of the student. School officials may conduct a search of a student or student’s lockers when there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that the search will turn up evidence that the student has violated or is violating school rules or the law.

Philosophy of Behavior Management and Human Relations
Urban Middle School
Spring, 1996
Urban Student Support Committee

The staff at Urban recognizes the importance of providing a safe learning environment for all students and staff. This can be accomplished by:

  • Modeling, by staff, positive communication, positive behavior, and the citizenship skills we expect from students. Disciplinary actions should be delivered with respect for the dignity of all parties concerned.
  • Using compassion and understanding combined with flexibility and humaneness, when dealing with students. In doing so, staff will work to build and maintain the respect of self and others, ensuring that the rights of all are protected, as well as teaching responsibility for one’s actions.
  • Providing a variety of disciplinary options that can be used in various situations. Individual situations will determine appropriate options.

Classroom discipline plans and school-wide discipline procedures should be set up in advance, with expectations, rewards, and consequences clearly stated. These plans should be clearly communicated to students as frequently as needed, and parents should be routinely informed. Plans and procedures should be consistent. Students should expect consequences for inappropriate behavior.

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Please refer to the Urban office or SASD office for updated information.