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Daily school attendance and promptness to classes are parent and student responsibilities. Under State Statutes, the responsibility for young people to attend school is that of the parents; however, each student must share in that responsibility. Students who have good attendance and good tardiness records generally receive higher grades, enjoy school more and are much more employable after graduation from high school. There is a direct relationship between poor attendance and school failure. All students are expected to attend school regularly and be to class on time.


Parents should contact the school each day their child is absent. All absences must be accounted for by a parent calling the school at 459-3678. An after hours answering service is also available to accommodate our families at 459-3678. All calls should be made by 9:00 am so that we may maintain accurate records. Students who are absent form school will not participate in evening activities or weekend activities, if the absence is on a Friday, without permission from Urban administration.

According to the School Board Attendance Policies and the Wisconsin State Statutes regarding compulsory school attendance, we need to notify parents of their child's attendance. In order to accomplish this, we have a series of letters that can be utilized for excused absences, tardies, and unexcused absences. Generally we will send out an attendance letter once 5-10 absences or tardy days accrue, send another letter home once 10-15 absences or tardies accrue, and a third letter home once 15-20 absences or tardies accrue. The school administration may require a medical excuse if the number excused absences is deemed excessive or totals 20% or more of the total number of school days in a quarter, semester, or school year. If no medical excuse is received, the school administration will consider the absences to be unexcused.

For unexcused absences we send a letter home when 3-5 days are missed, send another letter home when 6-7 days are missed, and call a truancy conference when days missed reach 7 or more.

Upon determination that a student’s absences are excessive, the school administration will call a meeting with the school counselors, social worker, child and parents to review whether appropriate steps have been taken to determine the cause of the problem and whether a truancy referral is necessary.

Upon the completion of a review of the problem and recommendation by school staff, the school administration may initiate a truancy referral in accordance with Wisconsin State Attendance Statute 118.16(5) under Section 48.13(6) requiring school attendance using Form 5115(a) of the Sheboygan Public Schools and in accordance with the Sheboygan Public School Board policy concerning school attendance.


Sometimes during the school year a student may miss some classes because of family business (vacations, weddings, funerals, etc.). If a student or his/her parents know that the student is going to be out of town, it is the student’s responsibility to see the attendance secretary and pick up a Request for Pre-arranged Absence form.

The Student should then take this form to his/her teachers and get homework in advance before leaving. This completed form must be returned to the attendance secretary since this will act as the student’s excuse.


Students are expected to make up all school work missed because of an absence. It is the student’s responsibility to ask the teacher what work was missed. Do not expect the teacher to seek you out to tell you. Students who are suspended or truant will be given the opportunity to make up all work missed due to the absence for full credit.


If you are absent from school, you can call the "homework hotline" at 208-4587 to find your missing work. You can also visit it at



If students need to leave school during the day, they must follow these procedures.

  1. Bring a note signed by your parent/guardian to the attendance window stating the reason and time to leave.
  2. Get a pass from the attendance window before school up until 8:00 a.m. After 8:00 a.m. go to the Student Services Office.
  3. Check in at the Student Services Office upon returning to school.

If these procedures are not followed, the time missed from school may be considered an unexcused absence.


If for some good reason you have to leave school be certain to go to the student services office first to obtain appropriate permission to leave. If a student leaves school without permission the student will be marked truant and be required to make up the time he/she missed after school. Students without a pass indicating their excuse from school may be picked up by the Sheboygan Police and taken to the Truancy Abatement Center (TACS). The student will be held at the center until 3:00 p.m. and their parents will be contacted.


Students arriving late to school (after 7:45 am) must always check in at the attendance window in the office before reporting to lockers and classes. Oversleeping, missing the bus, and missing a ride do not excuse tardiness. Students tardy to school will receive consequences according to the following plan:

1st tardy - warning by 1st hourteacher
2nd tardy - 10 min. after school with teacher
3rd tardy - 20 min. after school with teacher
4th tardy - 30 min. after school with teacher and teacher contacts family of student
5th and future tardies - referral to office, 40 min. detention

Each quarter students will begin with a clean slate of accumulated tardies.

Students arriving to school after 8:00 am will be marked unexcused and will be required to serve an office detention. This absence will be considered for a truancy referral if a student accumulates 5 or more unexcused absences in a semester. Student will be given one warning and will then earn detention each time they arrive after 8:00 am. If a student misses more than one class period more than one detention will be assigned.

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Please refer to the Urban office or SASD office for updated information.