Policies - Clothing

Urban Middle School Dress Code

Apparel that is disruptive to the educational environment will not be worn at school or school activities. General guidelines to follow to provide the best educational setting, maintain good community relations and foster a healthy environment for students to develop good socialization skills include but not limited to:

1) Students will not be allowed to be barefoot, wear hats, or caps in the building, wear coats or jackets during the day in class, detention and after school activities.
2) Students are to leave outside coats, jackets and caps or hats in their lockers.
3) Hoods or any other headwear are to be removed as soon as possible upon entering the school building and will not be worn during class, lunch, detention or other school activities (dances, plays, etc.)
4) Wearing clothing with statements or pictures of questionable taste that disrupts the educational environment in any way will not be tolerated.
5) Baggy pants are acceptable with a belt worn around the hips or that do not reveal undergarment of any kind.
6) Crop tops to tank tops with spaghetti straps, or back-less shirts are not permitted.
7) Students cannot wear or display bandannas in any manner on school property.
8) Shirts must cover the chest area and bras cannot be visible.
9) Stomachs must be covered; this means shirts and pants/shorts must meet and undergarments must not be visible.
10) The “rule of thumb” for the length of shorts/skirts/dresses: as a guideline, the hem may not be shorter than finger tip length (longest finger). Shorts, skirts and/or dresses that reveal the student's undergarments, buttocks or upper legs may not be worn. When in doubt, error on the side of caution - don't wear it.
11) Professional sport jerseys or “muscle” shirts may be worn over a t-shirt.
12) No clothing that disrupts the educational environment.

If students choose not to follow these guidelines, they will be provided with more appropriate clothing to wear that day. If the problem continues, parents will be contacted.

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Please refer to the Urban office or SASD office for updated information.