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Students have 3 minutes to pass from one class to the next. It is sometimes necessary to leave your class to use the restroom or for some other purpose. All students must use the Student Planner they are given for permission to leave the classroom. Information will be recorded in a special area of your book which will allow you to leave the classroom. If you lose your Student Planner you can purchase a new one in the office for $2.00. If you are found in the hallway without your Student Planner or other pass you will be instructed and expected to return to your classroom. Students are reminded to bring their student planner to every class each day. This tool is an excellent organizational tool to record assignments as well as use for hall passes.


The elevator is to be used by students, staff, and visitors who are either temporarily or permanently unable to sue the stairways.

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Please refer to the Urban office or SASD office for updated information.