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All students will be assigned to a Plus Period group. Students and parents should feel free to contact their Plus Period teacher whenever they have a problem they need help with or when they need an adult who will take the time to listen to a personal concern.

Plus Period: A Positive Learning Experience
Plus Period at Urban Middle School is an informal time of purposefully planned activities during which the personal, social and educational concerns of the adolescent are addressed. Plus Period provides a safe, secure environment for students to develop positive relationships and prepare themselves for the day’s activities.

Purposes of Plus Period

Plus Period is an opportunity for faculty and students to develop a closer, more personal relationship than what normally occurs in the classroom.

The purpose of developing this relationship is to acquire a feeling of belonging, acceptance of individual differences, and safety within all our students.

Students will improve their social skills such as getting along with others, conflict resolution, decision-making and problem-solving.

Plus Period will also provide an organizational structure which allows closer monitoring of the academic achievement of each student.

Plus Period allows for better communication between home and school.

Lastly, Plus Period provides an environment of flexibility and time for our students to participate in a variety of productive activities such as: band, strings, chorus, Junior Great Books, silent reading, Student Council, make-up tests, and “all-school activities”.

Plus Period Activities Include These Curriculums:

Student Planner
Study Skills
Make-up tests/work

Career Development
6th Grade - Career Exploration Workbook
7th Grade – Career/Vocational Student Development handbook
8th Grade – PREP Workbook; Career Options Portfolios;
“Career Visions” (computer program)

Personal/Social Development
Conflict-Resolution – Peer mediation
“First Step Violence-Prevention” – lower grades
“Second Step Violence-Prevention” – 7th grade and 8th grade.
Anger Control & Management/Conflict Resolution – 6th grade

Student Development Handbook

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