Super Six Reading Strategies

Super Six Reading Strategies


  • What else do I know about this topic
  • How does this connect to me
  • How does this connect to other texts
  • How does this connect to the world


  • What will happen next
  • What else will I learn
  • What clues (text, author) and background knowledge am I using
  • Do I need to adjust mu original predictions
  • What are my new predictions


  • What would I like to ask the author
  • What questions might a teacher ask on a test
  • What am I wondering about the text
  • What else do I want to know about the characters, story, plot.....
  • What questions do I have aobut the text features-illustrations, captions, heading, charts/graphs


  • Do I know what's going on
  • What am I visualizing
  • Are there confusing words or parts
  • What do I do when I don't understand
    (reread, slow down, look at the visuals, think back)


  • Is the text fiction or non-fiction
  • What is the text structure
    (Descriptive, problem/solution, chronological order, proposiition/support, goal/action/ourcome, cause/effect, compare/contrast, concept/definition)
  • What are the most important ideas
  • What is the author's purpose
  • Based on the text, what new ideas do I have that extend my thinking
  • What words or phrases from the text support my thinking


  • What do I think about the text so far Support your opinion.
    (important ideas, text structure, size of print, print features, literacy elements, graphic organizers-graphics-layout, author's language/word choice.)
  • What is the author doing to help my understanding?

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