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Urban Students Get Handle on Election Process

Many American adults may want to register for class at Urban Middle School this week in order to get a refresher on the American political system.

The seventh grade students are engaging in a mock election which will involve everything from researching candidates and understanding the issues to campaigning and debating the candidates and voting.

Each of the team 7-2 social studies classes is creating their own candidate, for a total of three candidates. Each class is challenged to invent a candidate, develop campaign materials, campaign for their candidate to the entire student body and present the candidate at the convention.

Students will campaign October 26-27.

The convention is open to the entire school and will be held Tuesday, October 28 in the school's auditorium. Final votes will be cast on November 4.

Throughout the program students will learn about each of the branches of government, ascertain what the significance is of the role of president, delve into America's election process, research the characteristics and attributes of past presidents and research current issues that are being considered during this year's election.

Throughout the process students will learn about seven propaganda techniques which are used as a way of persuading, convincing and influencing.

On Convention Preparation Day students will have the responsibility of finalizing candidate/party paraphernalia and delegating students to role-play needed personnel (i.e. security, family members, dignitaries etc.)

On Convention Day parties will meet in the auditorium to present and support their candidates. The final votes will be cast on November 4.

Before voting students will understand the requirements of a United States president; what characteristics, background and experiences a candidate should have; and compare their feelings for each issue to the candidate's viewpoint.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
October 30, 2008