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Urban Sixth Grader Experience Outdoor Adventure Camp

Team 6-1 students at Urban Middle School attended Camp Y-Koda on Tuesday, October 27, 2009 to participate in the Outdoor Adventure Camp. Throughout the day students took part in a variety of learning activities. One activity was outdoor survival where students learned what supplies are essential to survival and how to start a fire using a cotton ball, flint and file. In another activity, students learned how to use a compass. They used this skill to follow a route and return to their starting spot.

Students also learned how to use a GPS by entering coordinates. They used these coordinates to find hidden caches. Other activities included team building and animal survival. With team building, students had to use different forms of communication and different strategies to reach a goal. In animal survival, students played 'survival of the fittest'. Four students were selected as predators and had to 'survive' the winter. These learning activities also helped develop an understanding and appreciation for the environment

The outdoor adventure experience was made possible by a generous donation from The Jos Schmitt Family Legacy Fund for Environmental Education.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
November 30, 2009