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Urban Seventh Graders Study Hmong Culture

Students on Urban Middle School's Team 7-2 recently finished their study of the Hmong culture through Inquiry. Students were able to choose a topic of interest from the following list: Marriage, New Year, Housing, Farming, Shaman, Clans, and/or Animism.

After further research, groups of students presented their finding with visual aids. Some groups of students constructed bamboo houses out of pretzel sticks; others made Shaman shaped cookies. The culminating activity was a Culture Day with traditional dancing, eating egg rolls, game playing and acting out a Hmong folktale, "The Orphan Boy and the Bobcat".

Students enjoyed learning about the Hmong culture and seem to have a greater understanding of the Hmong in our country's history.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
February 8, 2011