Student Co-Curricular Activities

Our program of co-curricular activities is defined as Fine Arts, Clubs, Enrichment, Motivational Reading and Service. Co-curriculars generally occur outside of the regular school day and are advised/coached by a Sheboygan Area School District faculty member. Activities will be publicized via school announcements and posters. The purpose of this page is to provide both our students and their parents a brief description of each activity.

If you have any questions, please call our school office at 459-3680.


Drama: Musical/Play

Drama Club provides students the opportunity to get involved with an "on stage" performance. Our fall play is presented in November with rehearsals beginning in September.

There is also make up crew. If you don't want to be in the spot light, help behind the scenes by being responsible for applying makeup on the actors/actresses.

If you think you would enjoy being on stage, or just helping behind the scenes - be sure to try out!

(Fall Activity)

Sixth Grade Jazz Ensemble

Sixth Grade Jazz Ensemble will be offered second semester. Students currently enrolled in Sixth Grade Band are eligible. Rehearsals meet once a week. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with improvisation and Jazz style. This ensemble will perform at a concert.

(Spring Activity)

Seventh and Eighth Grade Jazz Ensemble

This ensemble consists of a group of seventh and eighth grade students who rehearse before school on Jazz style music. Members also work on and develop their improvisational skills during these rehearsals. The group is open to any student who is interested in working to improve his/her playing and is currently enrolled in the Seventh and Eight grade band.

(Year Long Activity)

Urban Live Talent Show

Are you talented at singing, dancing, playing an instrument or acting? Urban Live Talent Show is Urban Middle School's Spring Showcase of talents. Auditions are in early spring and practice commences for the following month after school from 3pm - 4pm. Students try out for an array of talents to share with the Urban Student Body, Staff, and Families. Talents may include but not limited to: singing, dancing, skits, magic acts, gymnastics, piano, bands and instrumental solo/duet playing. Students also "try out" for becoming the hosts of the show...called "Master of Ceremonies" and come up with skits to introduce the acts and keep the show rolling. (2015 will mark Urban's 25th "Urban Live" under the direction of Todd Dekker and Mary Starnitcky)

Judging of the talents to become apart of the show consists of a panel of Student Council Officers, Student Council Advisors, and a few staff members. Judging has to be done due to the time limit and quality of the show.

Watch for posters detailing try-out information in the Urban hallways.

(Spring Activity)

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Student Council

Urban's Student Council represents each grade level. Students work together to plan and provide a variety of all-student activities, community service..........and much more!

Friendship, socialization, and responsibilities are an important part of our Student Council. We plan dances, door decorating contests and spirit month with the hope of promoting school spirit and student involvement. Weekly meetings enhance leadership skills.

The Student Council also reaches out in the community and state by contributing time and talents through service projects.

Find out more about Student Council when school starts.

(Year Long Activity)


This is an activity where students are able to learn the basic skills involved in layout and paste-up artistry. It is also an opportunity to display your creativity in the form of photography, artwork or articles. Students are needed from each grade level to work on their section of the book. Join us!

(Year Long Activity)


Urban's student newspaper, the Urban Legend, is published five - six times each school year. Student editors plan the issues, while student reporters write the stories and photographers capture the images of happenings in and around school.

Any student is welcome to join the staff. There are many tasks that need to be done to make the paper the success it is - planning the content, gathering information about academic and co-curricular activities, interviewing students and staff, writing, editing, word processing, designing advertisements and more. If you have a nose for news or an interest in learning and reporting about what's going on at Urban, the Legend staff is for you. Come join us!

(Year Long Activity)

Stage Crew

If you like to work behind the scenes, Stage Crew is for you. During the course of the school year, we help design and construct the set for the fall play. We also help set-up the special programs and assemblies by working the lights and sound system and operating the curtain.

(Year Long Activity)


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Board Games Club

Students meet together to play various boards games after school.

(Winter Activity)

Art Club

If you love art and can't get enough, Art Club is for you! We do an array of projects once a week throughout the school year beginning in late September. Projects vary from week to week and kids have wide variety to choose from: jewelry, sculpture clay, drawings, paintings, and mural teams just to name a few.

Art Club meets the 1st and 3rd Mondays of Sept., Oct., Nov, Dec., Jan., Feb., March, and May. (No meetings in April due to the talent show.)

(Year Long Activity)

Urban Skills Squad

Do you love technology? Enjoy the tools available with an iPad? Would you like to mentor other students? Skill Squad methodology is designed to infuse technology throughout the school. Skill Squad students work with students and teachers to bring effective technology into the classrooms.

This after school club meets Thursdays in the East Lab to learn and work on different technologies, skills and communications. Additional meetings and activities is dependant on student's ambitions and project needs.

Open to all ambitious Urban Students.

(Year Long Activity)

F. A. C. E. Club (Family and Consumer Education)

This club meets approximately once a month from 3:00 to 4:00 in the foods lab. Students work in small groups with friends to make food products that are related to themes throughout the year. We are working to increase the students experiences within the kitchen. Students can eat or take home what they make during club.

(Year Long Activity)

F. I. S. H. Club (Friends In School Hang out)

FISH club meets once a month and focuses on doing what students want to do! Activities include treasure hunts, board games, video games, dodge ball, crafts, kickball, movies, listening to music, and just hanging out with your friends! All ideas are welcome for new activities! Our goal is to just HAVE FUN!

(Year Long Activity)

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If you excel in math, MATHCOUNTS is the place for you! Materials are prepared by the national Society of professional Engineers and are worked on individually or in groups. During the month of February, a team of 4 finalists participate in a regional math competition. Winners can move on to a state competition and a national competition in April.

MATHCOUNTS is open to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. MATHCOUNTS will meet weekly from November through February.

(Winter Activity)

After School Library And Computer Lab

The Urban library is open until 4:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Students are welcome to do homework, to check out books, to work on projects, or to just sit and read!

The library computer lab is open after school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 3:00 until 3:50. Students are welcome to use the computers for assignments, projects and appropriate recreational Internet use.

(Year Long Activity)

Technology Education Open Lab

Technology Education Open Lab is held Tuesdays and Thursdays after school until 3:30 pm. for students who need to: make up work due to absence, complete missing or late work, or receive extra help. Open Lab is only for students who are currently enrolled in a Technology Education class.

(Year Long Activity: Tuesday and Thursdays)

Lakeland Math Meet

Lakeland Math Meet held at Lakeland College. Students compete as a team to answer problems in groups and as individuals.

(Winter Activity)

Spelling Bee

We have preliminary spelling bees to determine one student and an alternate to compete in the Regional Spelling Bee hosted at ACUITY and held in January. The winner then moves on to the state contest. If he/she is successful, then, to the national contest.

(Winter Activity)

Geography Bee

All students participate in preliminary rounds of the Geography Bee in social studies class. Class winners move on to the grade level round. Grade level winners move on to the school wide geography bee. The school winner takes a written test which is submitted to the state.

(Winter Activity)

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Archery is designed to teach and improve student's marksmanship and their knowledge of archery related safety.

(Spring Activity)


This is an exhibition activity/sport of routines to help coordinate, generate exercise and promote positive self-image and esteem. The students create dance movements to music. An all-city Pom Pon/Dance exhibition will be held.

(Spring Activity)

Girls Basketball

Girls basketball is designed for all interested girls wanting the opportunity to learn and improve upon skills, rules, team work, strategies, and most of all having fun and being a part of a team! Each session will consist of some time working on a particular skill or strategy and then playing time.

(Winter Activity)

Boys Basketball

Hoops for boys is organized to give any interested boys an opportunity to learn about the game, become better players, and enjoy playing on a team. Teams are organized by students or the coach and will then play in a round robin tournament.

(Winter Activity)


Teams are made up of at least three boys and three girls. Serve - Set - Spike! A round robin tournament with each team playing other teams is set up. Records are kept! The volleyball season culminates in a playoff tournament. The goal is to improve skills and enjoy the fellowship of playing with classmates.

(Winter Activity)


Interested middle school wrestlers are expected to come to practices everyday. Wrestlers will need to be willing to learn about the safety, sportsmanship, and the wrestling moves and techniques.

(Winter Activity)


Participants are taught basic cheerleading skills, rules, strategies and principles. Participants form their own groups or squads to develop a routine for an exhibition held at Urban. Cheerleading meets four nights a week for four weeks. The all city cheerleading exhibition is scheduled for October.

(Fall Activity)

Track & Field

Track provides students the opportunity to learn about and explore the variety of activities involved in this sport. Participants are exposed to short and long distance running events, hurtles and field events such as high jump, shot put and long/triple jump. The session ends with an inter squad track meet.

(Spring Activity)


Soccer skills such as passing, shooting trapping, defending, and attacking are stressed during this session. Skill progress to small co-ed sided scrimmages. All sessions usually run indoor, due to the weather.

(Fall Activity)


Softball is a co-ed league set up for whom ever would like to come and play.  We work on basic softball skills – hitting, fielding, and catching. Then we play.  We usually only play a few innings; switching when a team gets 3 outs or 5 runs. The goal is to work on skills and to have fun.

(Spring Activity)

Fitness Frenzy

Fitness Frenzy is an after school program that encourages students to lead healthy and active lifestyles.  Fitness Frenzy is held September thru December in the fitness center (old gym) from 2:50 - 3:30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Students are able to use top of the line fitness equipment like bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines, various weight machines and play games to help improve their physical health.  Students who participate record their time spent in the fitness center and earn prizes for every 100 minutes spent working out.  Students who spend the most time in the fitness center earn awards and their names are posted in the hallway outside the fitness center.

(Fall Activity)


Badminton will be played with teams of 2 people playing in a round robin tournament.

(Spring Activity)

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Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books is a contest that pits teams of four (4) sixth grade students against another team of four (4) students to answer questions drawn from a list of selected books. Students begin forming teams in fall and competition begins in January.

After four (4) contests, we narrow our field of twelve (12) teams down to five (5). Four (4) teams face off in a round robin contest in April to see which teams compete in a championship round in the auditorium with all sixth graders and their teachers watching.

Following the student competition, the teachers form an “All Star” team to play a fun round against the winning student team.

(Winter - Spring Activity)


iRead is a reading club that allows students to discuss the books they are currently reading with their peers and Mrs. Kiel. Students are then given the opportunity to use various Web 2.0 Tools to create fun and exciting projects based on their book.
iRead meets in the IMC.

(Year Long Activity)


Please refer to daily announcements or school office for updated information.

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