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Personalized Learning

The educational process begins at George D. Warriner High School with a personalized learning plan that looks at every student individually. This process brings the student, parent(s) and advisor together to set individual goals and create a learning plan that ensures individual student success and attainment of the individual goals. These goals are achieved through the flexibility of our "Four Pillar" curriculum model, while the structure of our school can fit the needs of any family.

Four Pillars of Curriculum = Personalization for Each Student

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A Blended Curriculum

Our Four Pillar approach allows for a blended curriculum that encompasses the whole student. It is this perfect mix of rigorous curriculum that allows students to master the skills and essential learnings necessary to set a path for future success in college. Parent(s), student, and advisor work together to develop a personalized learning plan that collaborates with our CollegeEd® and ACT Suite curriculum to ensure students remain on target to achieve both their short and long term goals.

Effective Online-Curriculum

At Warriner High School we do online learning differently than most. We are fortunate to have access to courses from a number of the finest online course providers available, including an extensive offering of AP level courses. The individual student Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) testing data can also be used to ensure remediation occurs in needed situations and that advanced placement challenges all students.