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Flexible Scheduling

At George D. Warriner High School staff, parents and student collaborate to design a personalized learning plan that best fits the individual student's needs. Depending on the preferences and needs of the student, any of the following schedules can be incorporated into the personalized learning plan:

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George D. Warriner Schools Governing Board

The George D. Warriner Schools Governing Board is a leadership team that monitors the George D. Warriner Schools to ensure that school structure, organization and management result in a high achieving school. The board is composed of community members, parents, teachers and students. Their diverse backgrounds and skill sets create a culture of continuous positive change revolving around innovation, efficiency, and research-based best practices in education.

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George D. Warriner High School Staff


  • Jake Konrath, Principal


(920) 207-5307 |
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  • Corey Butters, Advisor

(920) 459-0945 |


  • Donna Donoval, Special Education Instructor

(920) 459-0945 |


  • Rebecca Duquesnoy, Advisor

(920) 459-0945 |

  • Levi Goins, Advisor/Online Math Instructor

(920) 459-0945 |

  • Paula Hagerman, Advisor/Online Social Studies Instructor

(920) 459-0945 |

  • Tim Kong, Advisor/ELL Instructor

(920) 459-0945 |

  • Mary LaBouve, Online Science Instructor

(920) 459-0945 |


  • Jennie Maramonte, Guidance Counselor

(920) 459-0945 |


  • Jenne Smith, Advisor/Online English Instructor

(920) 459-0945 |


  • Laura Tuzzolino, Advisor

(920) 459-0945 |