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Wilson Students Create Wish Lists
Lisa Flooks' first grade students at Wilson Elementary School started out by making a simple wish list and learned a whole lot along the way. Beginning with a discussion of what exactly a list is, students then wrote out a "sloppy copy" of their Wish List.  This, of course, led to a discussion of spelling, capitalization, the introduction of the use of the apostrophe (i.e. Linda's Wish List) and the inevitable corrections. The next morning during vocabulary practice, children received an envelope with the mystery word contained within. Guided by Mrs. Flook, they discovered the word computer and were told they were going to the lab to reproduce their list. Taking their "sloppy copy"  with them,  students learned new information like choosing a font, centering their list on the page, and where to find the apostrophe on the keyboard.  They still weren't finished. The following day the children decorated their wish list, placed it on colored paper and mounted it on their locker. So, when is a wish list more than just a list?  When multiple learning takes place.

photos posted with parent permission
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
January 16, 2012