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Wilson Students Study Iditarod
Mush!  Hike!  The third graders at Wilson Elementary School are just beginning their study on the Iditarod, a dogsled race held in Alaska every March.  Some special guests came to Wilson to teach students about the dogs that pull sleds and about the Iditarod.  Cliff Henning, Jessica Vogel and her son AJ along with three dogs Razzle, Luther, and Vinny explained how to harness a sled dog, hook a team of sixteen dogs up to the sled and what supplies are needed for the Iditarod Race.

Students also learned the commands a team of dogs need to know to pull the sled.  Mr. Henning "hooked up" 16 students to the sled who then pulled their principal, Mr. Renzelmann, around the gym.  Students learned that these dogs love to pull and need to work as a team.

The third graders will continue their study of sled dogs and the Iditarod.  Students will each pick a musher and follow them through the race on maps.  The classrooms are going to hold their own "Iditaread" and try to read 1,049 (the symbolic length of the race) pages during the month and solve story problems for each checkpoint along the trail. 

Here are the students preparing to pull Mr. Renzelmann across the gym.

(photos posted with parent permission)
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
March 8, 2012