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Wilson Students Learn Fire Safety from Local Firefighters
Firefighters from Fire Station #2 presented the Stop, Drop, and Roll program to first graders at Wilson Elementary School on Monday, September 17.  Due to lack of funding, the program had three year absence, but has been brought back for the 2012-2013 school year.  

Children learned about fire and smoke, how to behave, and what to do when the smoke alarm sounds from Captain Hank. They learned about staying below the smoke and crawling out of the house and most importantly, children learned what to do if their clothing should catch on fire.

Firefighter Jean Zemke brought a special guest to help demonstrate the concept of stop, drop, and roll.  Joining the team this year is Nelli, a chocolate lab.  Nelli has her own yellow vest with authentic looking flames.  Firefighter Zemke taught Nelli how to crawl under the smoke and roll over to put out the flames.  After watching Nelli, the students couldn't wait for their turn to put on a vest and put out the fire.

Outside, first graders saw a tanker fire engine and learned about different tools, hoses, and equipment worn and used by firefighters. They also saw inside an ambulance and learned about the training and special medical devices used by paramedic firefighters.  At the end of each session children were encouraged to go home and ask their parents to check and make sure the smoke alarms in their home were working.

(left) Captain Hank helps Braylon Odekirk put on his vest as he gets ready to stop, drop, and roll the flames right off the vest.
(right) Standing on the back of the fire engine, firefighter Brad shows students the largest hose on the truck.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
September 25, 2012