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Wilson Students First to Experience Civil War at Historical Museum
Students of Wilson Elementary School fifth grade teacher Lisa Piper traveled to the Sheboygan County Historical Museum on Friday, October 5, 2012 to participate in a day long pilot program to learn about and experience what it was like to be a Sheboygan County resident during the Civil War.  

Students started their day by "enlisting" in the Army of the Union as foot soldiers.  Their life as a soldier continued to evolve as the students learned about what soldiers wore, viewing authentic Union Army clothing. In addition, students learned about camp life, how to clean and take care of their rifles, what kind of food they ate,  the past times and games soldiers played, how to sew buttons on their uniforms and darn their own socks.

The day ended with students learning how to make their own drums, bandages, Union banner and deciphering Morse code that was used during this time.  Students enjoyed looking at pictures and letters from the Civil War and trying to interpret the meaning of the pictures.

Angela Hullin and other museum staff wrote and developed the curriculum with the assistance of Lisa Piper and former Sheboygan Area School District Assistant Superintendent of Student and Instructional Services, Diane Wilcenski. The program, which is based on the state academic standards for social studies and language arts, will be offered to all fifth grade classrooms in the spring of 2013.

Kevan Sanders shoulders an 1863 Union Army rifle.

Edgar Caracoza learns how to sew a button back on his uniform.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
November 8, 2012