PBIS: Tier 1


Tier 1


What is Tier 1 (Universal) Primary Prevention?
Tier 1 supports are intended for all students in the school. The core components of prevention include setting clear behavioral expectations, creating an acknowledgment system to reinforce desired behaviors, and developing a system for addressing misbehavior.

Behavioral Expectations

Rules and routines are positively stated, easy to remember, and are significant to the school. 

A School-Wide Matrix

A school-wide matrix lists the general behavioral expectations and specific expectations for various settings within the school. The matrix provides a clear visual of all school-wide behavioral rules/expectations.

Teaching Appropriate Behavioral Expectations
It is necessary to teach the school-wide expected behaviors to all students. Practices.  This is done through Kick-Off and Booster Events, Cool Tool Lessons,  Assemblies, and an Acknowledgement System.  PBIS schools have a System for Addressing Misbehavior which includes re-teaching and positive reinforcement.  An Office Discipline Referral Process is also in place, if needed. 

  • Has your child shown positive behavior at home?  You can give them a 4>2 card to bring back to school.  Get it here.

  • Wilson Playground Rules


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