A Message from the Principal

Hello.  If you are visiting this site, you must have some interest in Wilson School.  Our school celebrated its 50th birthday in January of 2009.  It continues to be the largest of Sheboygan's elementary schools and has earned three U.S. Department of Education national awards for excellence in education.  We pride ourselves in our tradition of student success, quality teaching, and 4>2.



4 > 2

"4 > 2" is an old math statement but we would like it to mean something more. "4 > 2" stands for "IT IS GREATER TO DO THINGS 'FOR' OTHERS THAN 'TO' OTHERS." We plan to use the simple 4 > 2 to teach children that we need people who do great things. And great people do things for others.

It is greater to do things for your family than to your family.

It is greater to do things for your schoool than to your school...for your friends rather than to your friends...for your community instead of to your community and for yourself rather than to yourself.

If you do something to someone it is almost always a bad choice. Doing something for someone is almost always a good decision.

"4>2" covers behavior, school safety, work effort, kindness, physical development, caring for others, family membership, and on and on.

So remember, at Wilson school, 4 > 2.

Note: Each quarter a name is drawn from all the "4 > 2" cards placed in the "4 > 2" box. At the end of the year, a student will win a new bike. We also will be teaching students how to deal with and put a stop to BULLYING. This goes perfectly with our goal to reduce discipline problems and make Wilson even more safe. It also makes 4 > 2 sense.

**If your child is being bullied, please call Mr. Renzelmann at 459-3688 so we can put a stop to it.



School Tips for Parents

  1. Children should read every day. You can't get better at something unless you practice. (Minimum of 5 minutes in grade 1.)
  2. If something "doesn't seem right" call the teacher to check it out.
  3. Every teacher wants your child to be successful, just like you do.
  4. The story you get from your child may not be exactly what happened. It is not unusual for a child to "leave parts out" of a story if they did something they regret.
  5. If your child is spending over an hour per night on homework, let the teacher know. We have had parents tell us their child struggles a couple hours per night trying to get work done. Imagine the relief when they are told just send a note if the child gave an honest effort but couldn't finish after an hour (upper grades ) or half-hour (lower grades.)
  6. Rarely if ever will a teacher not tell a child what or how to do their work.
  7. Just because a child says they did their work doesn't mean it's done. Showing beats telling.
  8. "I did not like what you did, but I always love you" is a great way to tell a child when they make a mistake. Love needs to be unconditional.
  9. Every chance you get, look for the good in what a person does. All children and adults have strengths that should be recognized.
  10. Honesty, kindness, and responsibility are traits that will always be important to one's success. Sometimes developing these can cause discomfort, but the benefits in the long run are worth it.