Daily Schedules


Daily Bell Schedule

8:00 - First bell

8:10 - Classes begin

10:10-10:23 - Primary recess

10:40-10:53 - Intermediate recess


   Period #1 - First and second grades
      RECESS: 11:15 - 11:30

      EAT: 11:35-11:55

   Period #2 - Kindergarten and fifth grade

      RECESS: 11:45-12:00

      EAT: 12:05-12:25

   Period #3 - Third and fourth grades

      RECESS: 12:15-12:30

      EAT: 12:35-12:55

3:00 - Dismissal

Note: Wednesdays have no p.m. recess and dismissal is at 2:00 p.m.



At times there has been some confusion about dismissal at the end of the day. When the bell rings, it signifies the end of the day. Often teachers teach up to the bell and then have the students gather their work, pick up around their desks and then leave for home. Not all children will be coming out the doors at 3:00 because some get ready slower, some cannot find things, others may have to finish a task, handle a responsibility or there may be a discipline situation that needs some attention.