Fine Arts


SASD offers the programs in the following areas:

Visual Art

Middle School
Grade 6 instruction is a required one-quarter course, grades 7-8 instruction is an elective one or two-quarter course.

High School
Instruction is through eight sequential semester elective courses. An honors art course is also available, in which juniors and seniors develop an Advanced Placement Art Portfolio.

The K-12 Art Curriculum encompasses the following Content Standards adapted from DPI’s Model Academic Standards for Visual Arts:
  1. Principles and Elements of Art
  2. Aesthetic Understanding
  3. Visual Communication and Creative Expression
  4. Describing and Analyzing Visual ArtMaking
  5. Connections with Other Disciplines and Culture
  6. Art History


Middle Schools
Grade 6 instruction is a required one-quarter course in General Music, Chorus, Band or Orchestra. Grade 7-8 instruction is through two-quarter electives in Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Guitar and Piano.

High Schools
Instruction is through performance-centered electives in Band, Chorus, Orchestra, and Jazz Ensemble. Independent Study and Honors credit are also available.

The K-12 Music Curriculum encompasses the DPI’s Model Academic Standards for Music:
  1. Singing
  2. Instrumental
  3. Improvisation
  4. Composition
  5. Reading and Notating
  6. Analysis
  7. Evaluation
  8. Making Connections with other Disciples and Cultures
  9. Music History


Once a year, North and South High School will do a combined Musical Production. Each High School also does one additional play.

Drama opportunities are also available through the Sheboygan Theatre Company external link.


Dance is offered through the physical education department as part of their curriculum.

Special Programs

SASD is proud to participate in the following fine arts special programs:

The Artist in Residence program partners artists in the field of music, drama, dance, visual arts and creative writing with classrooms or schools to use the arts to teach the SASD curriculum. The program has a long history in Wisconsin as one of the first and longest lasting school based artist-in-residence programs and is an example of one of the many innovative programs the SASD offers.

In the past the AIR program has funded a wide array of artists in a variety of curricular areas by integrating drama and social studies; creative writing and illustrators; and music and reading. In addition, the AIR program gives students in the arts the chance to work alongside professional artists in projects such as creating murals or composing music to be performed by one of our outstanding musical groups. Schools that have participated in the AIR program report seeing students increase their retention of knowledge and concepts studied in residencies and increased motivation. Typically it is the quiet students that look disenfranchised with school that shine the brightest during these residencies.

John Michael Kohler Arts Center
SASD takes full advantage of its proximity to the Kohler Art Center.

Footlights Performances – Two professional performers (groups) are brought in to the school district to perform for our students.  The Fine and Performing Arts office also pays for each student to attend one performance at the JMKAC.

Transportation to the JMKAC is provided for every 2nd grader so they may attend a guided tour of the center.

Arts Scream is an apprenticeship program for selected high school students who will work with the Kohler Art Center’s Arts and Industry artists.

Visit the JMKAC Education Page external link

Staff Development

SASD provides staff development in the area of Fine Arts with the following programs:

  • Inservices (each led by an expert in the field)
    • Arts Integration: full-day inservices open to all elementary and secondary staff
    • Dance & Creative Movement: half-day inservices for physical education staff
    • Creative Dramatics in the Classroom: half-day inservice open to all elementary and secondary staff
  • Sharing Sessions are opportunities for music and art department staff to learn from one another. Elementary art, Secondary art, Vocal Music, and Instrumental music each have 2, two hour, sessions.
    • Elementary Art: two 90-minute sessions
    • Secondary Art: two 90-minute sessions
    • Vocal Music: two 90-minute sessions
    • Instrumental Music: two 90-minutes sessions