Technology in the Curriculum


The Sheboygan Area School District’s 2010–2013 Technology Plan focuses on what students need to learn – and on how to create a 21st century education system that delivers results incorporating technology into everyday practices.

The SASD plan integrates technology as a fundamental building block into education in three broad areas:

  • Use technology comprehensively to develop proficiency in 21st century skills.
  • Use technology comprehensively to support innovative teaching and learning.
  • Use technology comprehensively to create robust education support systems.

To help support technology rich classrooms, SASD has allocated monies from grants, stimulus funds, SAGE, and Title I to purchase and train teachers in integrating newer technologies: SmartBoards, iPods, digital visual presenters, laptops, sound systems, video cameras, handheld GPS units, and other assistive technologies beyond internet connectivity. These technologies serve as powerful tools to develop a full range of essential knowledge and skills for teaching and learning.

For more information about technology in the SASD, contact:
Instructional Technology Coordinator
Mike Jaber
(920) 803-7749

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