Administrative Offices - Staff Directory

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Office of the Superintendent
Superintendent of Schools Joseph Sheehan
  Executive Assistant Jenny Heus
  Secretary Jill Malzahn
Marketing & Communications Specialist Nicole Sondalle
Human Resources
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources & Administrative Services Pat Flaherty
Coordinator of Human Resources Peggy Corning
  Executive Assistant Berta Swoverland
  Executive Assistant Cyndi Timm
  Secretary Rebecca Remberg
Coordinator of Wellness & E.A.P. Jeri Dreikosen
Student & Instructional Services
Assistant Superintendent of Student & Instructional Services Mark Holzman
  Secretary, Student & Instructional Services Eileen Haulotte
  Secretary, Census Debra Koehler
  Secretary, Student Data Connie Witzeling
Director of Instructional Services Seth Harvatine
  Secretary, Curriculum Wendy Born
  Secretary, Curriculum Cathy Nyhuis
  Secretary, Student Data Debbie Lauersdorf
  Translator for Spanish-Speaking Families Adriana Uribe
  Translator for Hmong-Speaking Families Houa Yang
  Educational Assistant, Science Center Monica Cyr
Assessment Coordinator Jake Konrath
  Secretary, Assessment Sandy Schroeder
Coordinator of Pupil Services & Special Education Tom Nebel
  Secretary, Pupil Services Terri Hermann
  Secretary, Special Education/IEP Shelly Kober
  Secretary, Psychologists & Social Workers Jane Watry
Assistant Coordinator of Special Education Lisa Finney
  Special Ed. Program Support Teacher Lori Guetschow
  Special Ed. Program Support Teacher Amy Mikkelson
  District-Wide Assistive Technology Specialist Keri Thompson
  PC Support for Special Education Dan Bernhardt
  Porochial School Liaison Tamara Zelm-Joose
Coordinator of Instructional Technology & Interventions Michael Jaber
  Secretary, 21st Century Technology Rebecca Evenson
  Instructional Technology Trainer Charity Cartland
  Instructional Technology Trainer Jennifer Lotze
  Instructional Technology Trainer Deanna Nelson
  Instructional Technology Trainer Jenny Zalewski
  Mobile Technology Manager Chris Raisbeck
Business and Operational Services
Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operational Services Mark Boehlke
  Executive Assistant Wendy Baackes
Coordinator of Financial Services Tiffany Vande Hey
  Secretary Linda Fritsch
  Secretary, Professional Payroll Pam Block
  Secretary, Classified Payroll Debra Regan
Supervisor of Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Transporation, and Warehouse Georgine Mueller
  Secretary, Accounts Payable Tammy Elsesser
  Secretary, Accounts Payable Wendy Yurk
  Secretary, Transportation Tracy Kurtzbach
  Receiving/Stockroom Supervisor Bruce Evans
  Delivery Person Patrick Pittner
  Delivery Person Jeff Timm
Coordinator Nutrition Services Judith Smith
  Central Kitchen Supervisor Meredith Duchaine
  Nutrition Operation Supervisor Stacey Richter
  Secretary, Nutrition Services Dawn Schutte
  Cook Connie Clark
  Cook Deborah Felde
  Cook Susan Gosse
  Cook Lyn Jungbluth
  Cook Kimberly Laack
  Cook Virgene Mata
  Cook Kimberly Nonnweiller
  Cook/Traveling Food Server Kayla Baker
  Cook JoAnne Roehsler
  Cook Paula Vreeke
  Cook Linda Wagner
  Custodian, Kitchen Dave Zerger
Coordinator of Facilities Services Dave Albright
  Secretary Laurel Schirmer
  Head Custodian Don Dudek
  Custodian, Traveling Gary Dekker
  Custodian, Traveling Steven Reif
  Custodian, Night Traveling Kim Swoverland
  Custodian, Traveling John Warrens
Supervisor of Maintenance Joe Vollmer
  Carpenter William Torrison
  Electrician Randy Burhop
  Electrician Mark TenPas
  HVAC Specialist Chad Lensink
  HVAC Technician Mike Zengler
  Mechanic Tim Hiebing
  Mechanic Bob Kaat
  Mechanic Vernon Kimme
  Mechanic Curtis Maertz
  Mechanic Leroy Winter
  Painter Dale Billman
  Plumber Joshua Busch
  Systems Technician Duane Dippel
Coordinator of Technology Services Wayne Eschen
  Secretary Julie Harvatine
  Printing Services Supervisor Ryan Glaeser
  Operation Technician Michael Visser
  Digital Print Technician Educational Assistant Barb Felde
  Digital Print Technician Educational Assistant Kathryn Gerharz
Supervisor of Electronics & P.C. Support Charley Mais
  Electronics Technician Joe Krause
  Electronics Technician Terry Kuklinski
  Electronics Technician Jim Leighty
  Electronics Technician Joe Osieczonek
  Help Desk Operator & P.C. Support Technician Julie Englebert
  P.C. Support Technician Jonathan Nagode
  P.C. Support Technician Jacob Williams
  Software Support Technician Chris Wiltzius
Internet/Intranet Manager Pat O'Connor
Network/Communications Manager Scott Aleff
Network/Communications Manager Keith Rudie
  Network Operations Support Specialist TBD
  Network Operations Support Specialist Tyler Siemers
Community Recreation Department
Director of Recreation John Koehler
  Secretary Carrie Arenz
Recreation Supervisor Jody Brooks
Recreation Supervisor Karen Davis
Recreation Supervisor Jeff Brazzale
  Secretary Melissa Burgard
  Secretary Stacy Hayon
  Maintenance Ray Ross
  Maintenance Thomas Resch
  Maintenance Steven Reif
Aquatic Coordinator Geri Rusch
Child Care Coordinator Barb Scholten
Managing Director, Sheboygan Theatre Company Thomas Berger