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Teacher Accountability and Student Assessment:

At Lake Country Academy we value assessment and evaluation as part of the learning process to assist the teacher in making appropriate education decisions. Every child learns at their own pace; no child will be allowed to fall below class standards. Weekly testing in reading and math help our teachers understand whether your child is on track and mastering the material.

Conversely, if your child's abilities exceed the grade level in reading and math, they will be taught accordingly. We feel teaching children means teaching to their highest capability without holding them back. We feel that teachers are wholly responsible for your child's performance.

Core Knowledge Sequence is the result of research into the content and structure of the highest performing school systems around the world. Core Knowledge is a detailed outline of specific content to be taught in language, arts, history, geography, math, science and the fine arts. It was the collaborative effort of educators and field professionals from across the country organized by the Core Knowledge Foundation.

As the basis of at least 50% of the school's curriculum, this collection of knowledge spells out clearly for parents, teachers, and students a very detailed core of knowledge that all children should know. It is sequenced to avoid gaps in learning or wasteful repetitions. This guarantees students have the necessary background preparation for successive classes. There are currently over 800 schools using this program across the country.

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