I would like to introduce myself, my name is Mrs. Pesch and I am LCA’s School Counselor -

I earned my Bachelor’s degree from UW-Milwaukee and my Masters from Concordia University. For 16 years I’ve worked in several Washington County school districts as a substitute teacher. For 12 years I was the school counselor for an elementary school in the Hamilton (Sussex) school district. I joined the LCA team in August of 2018.

There are many aspects to the school counseling program at Lake Country Academy. I have the most contact with students through classroom guidance lessons. These lessons are held every other week for 30 mins. Topics include; feelings, peer relations (bullying, conflict resolution), decision making, protective behaviors (staying safe) and career awareness. I also work with students individually, either meeting with them on a regular basis or as issues come up. At times, small groups are offered for students that are in similar situations or have similar needs. For example, Rainbow Kids is for children who have experienced a loss or change in their family dynamic.
Our school-wide positive behavior incentive is Clipper Cash. I run the school store where students can turn in their cash for fun items of various values. "

I also work with students individually, either meeting with them on a regular basis or as issues come up.

I use a positive and proactive approach to help students achieve success at school and I am a resource for students, staff and families.

Please feel free to contact me with any concerns you may have for your student.

Mrs. Lynda Pesch

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Students in grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade were reacquainted with LCA’s buddy bench. The buddy bench is where you sit if you are lonely, want someone to play with or are looking for something new to do at recess. Students practiced approaching and talking to a student on the bench and students on the bench practiced a response. If your child happens to complain about nothing to do a recess, or no one to play with, please remind them that the buddy bench is there just for that purpose. All students are encouraged to keep an eye on the bench so that they can go over and help out should someone be there.

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