The 2012 Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam (WKCE) scores were released today for all Wisconsin public school districts.

The 2012 WKCE results show that Sheboygan Area School District (SASD) Reading scores increased 0.6% to 33.1% of students scoring proficient or advanced. The largest gains in student performance occurred at the 8th grade level (up 8.0%) and 3rd grade level (up 5.6%) compared to last year. Reading results also show an increase in performance for students in grades 6 and 7 over the previous year when examining the same student group (e.g. increase of 3.5% for students who were 6th graders in 2011 to those students who are now 7th graders in 2012).

Overall, SASD students outperformed the state average in Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. In Social Studies, each grade level scored higher than the state average.

The SASD is focusing efforts on increasing student performance in Reading at the upper elementary and middle school level through the implementation of the Common Core Standards, using formative and summative assessment data as a means to determine ongoing instruction and by providing interventions to students, especially in the younger grades. “Our goal of intervening early is to ensure that students’ demonstrate proficiency in reading and math prior to third grade. In doing so, students will have a solid foundation in the skills necessary to be engaged in more challenging course work in the future and for continued growth in WKCE performance.” said Seth Harvatine, Director of Instructional Services.

This is the first year that Wisconsin reported WKCE scores using the increased benchmarks needed to reach the basic, proficient and advanced performance levels in Reading and Math. This was part of a major national effort to raise expectations for students. As a result, the WKCE results reported show a significant decline in the number of students considered to be “proficient’ or “advanced” from previous years. This decline does not reflect a change in the abilities of students, teachers or schools, but rather reflects the higher standards and aspirations we have for our students.

The WKCE is given in the fall of the year and tests students in grades 3 – 8 and 10. All students are tested in Reading and Math. Students in grades 4, 8, and 10 are also tested in Language Arts, Social Studies and Science.

Emphasis will remain on implementing strategies to improve reading across all grade levels. In addition, the district continues to make significant gains in implementing an intervention system to support the needs of individual students.

The WKCE is only one indicator of a quality school or system and the SASD will continue to use additional assessments and supports to ensure our students are learning. The SASD remains very proud of the exceptional work and strong talents of its students, staff, leaders, and Board of Education with strong support from parents and the community.

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