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South to Launch Internet Software to Keep Parents In-the-Know
Sheboygan South High School students and parents will soon be invited to take advantage of Edline, an Internet-based program that provides an easy way to keep up-to-date on academic progress.

With this program, parents will be able to access information they need to make a difference in the educational lives of their children including school assignments and grades.

Activation information will be mailed to parents and guardians during the week of September 15; students will receive their activation information during that week as well.

Staff responsible for grading will update grades approximately every two weeks beginning Thursday, September 18. A full list of dates for grade updates is available on the South High School Edline homepage. Parents can also set up their account to provide email notification whenever grades are updated.

Some performance-based classes, such as music or art, will update less frequently due to performance schedules. Teachers of these courses will have an explanation of this on their course page.

Contact Sue Dennis at or Penny Abstetar at with questions regarding Edline.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
September 19, 2008