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Real-Life Construction Project Gives Students a Jump Start on Careers

For the 11th consecutive year teens from North and South High School broke new ground as they began building a home as part of their high school curriculum.

Pictured are Tim Baneck (Career & Technical Education coordinator), Bob Below (Sheboygan South High School teacher), Aaron Schieble (Sheboygan South High School student), Ronald Rindfleisch (Board president), Scott Lewandoske (Board member), Susan Hein (Board member), Barbara Tuszynski (Board member), Joe Sheehan (superintendent), Keyon Tinnon (North High School student), Jeff Grunewald (North High School teacher).

The Project 2008 House Construction assignment began the second week of school and is part of a technical education program that has helped a number of students gain hands-on knowledge they could use in the workplace.

The program was first implemented in 1998, with the support of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Sheboygan, when construction students at Sheboygan North and South High Schools worked with local contractors and businesses to build a 1,500 square foot house in the community.

This year's home is being built by a total of 25 juniors and seniors from the district's House Construction class. More than 100 other students from other subjects such as architectural drafting, interior design, botany, and film production will also be involved in this authentic-based project.

The home, which was designed by 2008 North High graduate Jesus Arciniega, is located at 2511 North 26th St. in Sheboygan. It is the third of four homes that is planned to be built on this street by the students.

Donations of products and services have been committed by area businesses and the Carpenters Local 731 donated a hammer for each student involved in the project, as they do every year.

The entire construction project involves students from a number of educational departments in both schools. The Family & Consumer Education Classes participate with the interior design of the house while Botany students provide the landscaping. Media and communication skills are utilized by Language Arts Classes through the schools' newspaper and television station.

The project also involves dozens of area business affiliates and local skilled tradesmen who help make this authentic work-based learning activity a success.

Project 2008 is slated for completion next spring, when an open house will provide the community an opportunity to view the finished house on June 6. The tentative sale price of the house will likely exceed $200,000. Interested parties can call the Sheboygan Area School District at 459-3548 for more details.

Proceeds from the sale of the house go toward buying more land to sustain the house construction program and scholarships for students pursuing a technical college, certificate program or an adult apprenticeship program.

For more information on the 2008 House Project and to follow the progress throughout the school year, visit their website.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
September 19, 2008