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South High Labyrinth Unveiled

A seven-circuit labyrinth designed and installed by Sheboygan South High School Art and Botany students with the guidance of Artist-in-Residence Pat Robison, was dedicated on Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2008, at 4 p.m. in South's Courtyard.


This celebration comes after a year's worth of planning, digging, hauling, casting and leveling.

Students learned of labyrinths and their history through studies with Robison who then challenged them to design their own labyrinth. Students rose to the challenge and designs were created in all shapes and sizes.

Alexandra Yang's design was chosen by her peers to be implemented in South High School's courtyard.

When the ground was too wet, and then too frozen and snow-covered to work, the work continued. Students created a full size pattern of the labyrinth and then turned to creating stained glass mosaic stepping stones to represent each circuit in the labyrinth.

Once spring arrived the sod was removed and the path began to take shape.

South High staff pitched in to help students haul in sand, gravel and river stones. Stepping Stones were cleaned up, sealed and fitted into their spaces.

Those who went above and beyond to help the project include Pat Robison; Karen Robison, Botany teacher; Art teachers Carol Rokicki and Linda Badtke; Pat Flaherty, principal; culinary instructor Betty Price and the Culinary Art students; Sue Dennis, media specialist; Kathy Miley, Corey Butters, Scott Eckelaert and the custodial staff at South.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
October 22, 2008