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Washington School Continues to Make Headlines

Washington School for Comprehensive Literacy continues to garner recognition for its education-forward reading enhancement programs.


Most recently, the school was featured in the October 2008 issue of the state educational publication, Teaching Today, in an article by Washington's K-2 literacy coach, Katie Meyer (pictured).

In the article, "Using Mentor Texts Effectively in the Elementary Classroom," Meyer includes quotes from second graders in Rich Gullixon's classroom expressing the impressions the stories made in their minds.

Mentor texts, as relayed in the article, are those publications that are loved both by the teacher and students; they are exemplary pieces of literature that contain powerful language and a variety of crafting techniques including identifying a particular genre (personal narrative, persuasive, mysteries); teaching reading comprehension strategies and more.

Washington is Role Model for Schools
Beginning in December, school representatives from throughout the state of Wisconsin have scheduled appointments to tour Washington in an attempt to learn from the schools' successes. So far, beginning December 2, nearly one school a week is slated to visit the school.

"I've had to turn some schools away," said Brian Reindl, grade 3-5 literacy coach, Washington School for Comprehensive Literacy. "One request was from a big school in Indianapolis. Right now, between Katie Meyer and myself, we are turning away about four to five site visit requests per week, mostly from within the state. It is amazing the amount of interest out there in both the Partners in Comprehensive Literacy Model (PCL) and what we are doing for Response to Intervention (RTI). We only wish we could say yes to everyone. What a good problem to have."

To date, Washington School for Comprehensive Literacy site visits are scheduled by schools from such cities as Madison, Oshkosh, Green Bay and Oconomowoc, as well as a school in Illinois.

"We are proud of the work we have accomplished at Washington and hope that we can help students throughout the country reach their literacy potential," said June Carstens, fourth and fifth grade ELL teacher, Washington School for Comprehensive Literacy.

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October 30, 2008