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Story Performer Brings Adventure to Cleveland

Playwright, actor and educator Rick Ponzio brought folk tales to life for students at Cleveland Elementary and NEW Montessori Schools.

Pictured here, a fourth grader assisted
Ponzio in finding the country where
a particular folk tale was created.

Second through fifth graders were entertained by Ponzio's presentation "Legends from Around the World." The program included legends, tall tales and stories of ghosts, monsters and trolls from cultures and countries from around the world. Characters, animals and monsters came alive through Ponzio's storytelling.

The program "Folk Tales from Around the World" was presented to those students in kindergarten-second grade. The kids were entertained by the tales that took them on an adventure around the world bringing the characters of his stories to life before their eyes.

Ponzio created a folk tale about Cleveland school and encouraged the students to have an interest in folk tales. He focuses on stories where problems get solved without violence and where the boys and girls are the heroes.

Ponzio is a professional fiction writer, playwright, storyteller, actor and educator. Rick performs in schools, libraries and at events and festivals in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
November 27, 2008