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South Social Studies Class Gets Real

After completing a unit on Native Americans, Sheboygan South High School 6th hour ELL Center Social Studies students will get a unique opportunity to learn directly from Native American speaker Richie Plass.

Visiting the students on December 3, Plass will give a formal presentation followed by a question and answer period.

Since there are only eight students in the class, the teacher has opened the opportunity for an additional 30 students at South.

Plass, of Menominee/Stockbridge Munsee, started his career in education in the fall of 1968, when he was asked to be his high school's Indian mascot. The trauma of that experience began a lifetime of educating people on the harms of stereotyping Native peoples. Since then, his work has expanded to teaching and activism in the fields of Native American culture, history and heritage.

Plass lectures on education, culture, traditions, professional environment and social impact. His sessions deal with issues such as Menominee and general Native American history, past and present Native American issues such as logos and mascots, Native American lore and performing arts, as well as dealing with and living in a world of different cultures.

He also is a published poet, and a drummer with the renowned country group Wolf River Band for 30 years who was nominated two years ago for a NAMMY (Native American Music Awards). He is also a traditional Menominee dancer, and actor.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
November 27, 2008