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Northern Lights and Stone Soup Performances at Washington

The Northern Lights from Sheboygan North High School entertained the students and staff at Washington with familiar Christmas carols. Some of the Northern Lights were former Washington students, and they encouraged the current students to get involved in singing. The entire school enjoyed the 30-minute up-beat performance on December 11th.

In addition, Ms. Hintz's third grade class of 16 students performed "Stone Soup" for family and friends. The meaning of the Stone Soup performance is to show the benefit of sharing what little we have to make something wonderful. The magic of the stone was the sharing of food to add to the stone to make a wonderful pot of tasty food. The culminating event was delicious stone soup served to the family and friends after the performance.

The soup was indeed a sharing soup as well since the students each brought in a vegetable to put into the soup. As one student commented, "It was a mmm -mmm -mmm good performance!"

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
December 23, 2008