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Original Production Brings History to Life At Washington

Pictured here are Washington School for Comprehensive Literacy third graders as they perform in their class' production of "Breakfast at Mount Vernon."

The play is an original production performed annually by Linda Hintz's third graders.

"The students and I wrote it one year and every year since we have tweaked it to fit the number of students and what they wonder about or suggest," said Hintz. "We started doing it because we read a book called George Washington's Breakfast and decided to make it into a play. This year I borrowed some of the costumes but in the past we actually sewed some of the mob caps and skirts in the classroom."

The decorations are all made by the students to fit with the colonial times and George Washington's decorating. Besides reading about George Washington during reading the students have learned about the Colonial Period during Social Studies.

Music teacher Mary Sommersberger even taught the students a song about George Washington, bringing in as many components of the students' daily teachings as possible.

Parents and friends were invited into the classroom to enjoy the production.

"The students enjoy pretending they are really visiting Mount Vernon and love using the silver service and fancy dishes. The students even polished the silver last year," said Hintz. "I overhear some amazing conversations when I let them playact on their own after we have finished the play. We're attempting to make history come alive and students come back years later and ask me if I am still doing that play because it is a good memory for them."

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
March 3, 2009