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Elks Club's Generous Donation Benefits Special Needs Students
James Madison Elementary School received some much-needed supplies for their Therapy Center thanks to a donation by Sheboygan Elks Club #299.

The Elks Club donated two pieces of equipment, a High Back Mobile Chair with Accessories at a value of $1,455.00 and a C-Stand with a value of $2,734.86.

For many years the Sheboygan Elks Club #299 has supported James Madison's special education students, including driving transportation vans with special educational needs to the Therapy Center at James Madison Elementary School. When changing laws and student needs made transporting students unnecessary, the Elks Club continued their support with financial contributions.

"Equipment that is needed for our students is often expensive and contributions have been vital," said Matt Driscoll, principal. "This year was their most generous contribution. The adapted classroom chair is very durable and adjustable for use with a variety of students and their special needs. It is a chair on wheels, but looks more like a classroom chair than a wheelchair."

The C-Stand will be used in a room being set up by the Special Education Team at James Madison for use by students with sensorimotor, fine motor, and gross motor needs. These students have a variety of diagnoses including cerebral palsy, autism, cognitive disability, vision, hearing, and developmental delays. The C-stand is the core piece of equipment and the most costly. A variety of swings can be used with this base depending on the needs of the student. It is a portable piece of equipment that could move to another school in the district if the needs change.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
March 10, 2009