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Lakeland College Student Teachers Partner with A2 Charter School
A2 Charter School students and
Lakeland College pre-service
teachers discussed Wisconsin's
rich history in fur trading, logging,
mining and industry.

Lakeland College pre-service teachers met with fourth and fifth graders at A2 Charter School to discuss Wisconsin's rich history in fur trading, logging, mining and industry. This was the second time this school year that Lakeland student teachers and their professor, Dr. Eileen Hilke, worked with the accelerated learners at A2 Charter School.

"It's good to work with teachers you don't see everyday," said one fourth grader.

Students at the charter school for self-directed learners are incorporating the study of Wisconsin and its history into their social studies as they prepare for an upcoming presentation by a French fur trader role-playing interpreter.

Lakeland student teachers used the opportunity to develop lessons appropriate for the students and included trade simulations and other activities designed to be a hands-on experience in the ways of early Wisconsin.

"They had so many things for us to look at and do to help us understand the ideas," said another student, who really appreciated the experience.

The groups had previously come together for a morning to discuss literature they had read and reach a deeper level of understanding of the material.

A2 teachers, Kathy Nelesen and Sandy Spatt, agree the pairing of their students with the college students is beneficial on many levels.

"The students are thrilled to be able to converse in a scholarly manner with college students. It makes the prospect of the college experience less daunting," said Nelesen.

"The student teachers bring such energy and enthusiasm to the experience and offer our students alternative ways to process and appreciate knowledge," Spatt said.

A2 Charter School is in its second year. It shares facilities with Jackson Elementary School, 2530 Weeden Creek Road, and is part of the Sheboygan Area School District.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
April 23, 2009